Project Info

Exploring 3D printing for my Honours Research Project!

One body, many lived experiences.

Through practice-led research this work explores the many identities I have occupied throughout my life. A series of self-portraits into the unknown. As a woman, lesbian, transgender, faggot, male and who was assigned female at birth. All these labels that are reclaimed, affirmed or just socially assigned are oppressive to me.

Do acronyms, identity labels and terms inhibit our expressions of self?Is it still a safe space to identify? Why do we still need all these labels in
today’s society? Can’t we just express and live.

Multiplicities of Pride is a multi-modal assemblage that’s tells my Queer story.

It’s a multi-sensory & multi-dimensional experience that embraces difference outside the borders of the centrism that exists in our Society. It’s the messy and confusing even at the risk of being misunderstood.

My story can not be told using only one method, through only one voice. It can not be understood from only one perspective. Neither can it exist only in the material space.

View one work or many, each tells my story at different points of life. They exist independently from each other, they also intersect with each other. It’s multi-modal access inclusive of ALL my lived experiences and living expressions.

They are all vignettes of all my selves past, present and future.